Steven Mark Revland

Steven Mark Revland has been designing and creating three-dimensional art objects ― primarily sculptural tables and chairs ― for more than fifty years.

These whimsical conversation pieces have been transported to countless homes, offices, galleries, and museums, and continue on that journey, even as Revland approaches his seventies. He continues to hone his craft at his home studio in Fargo, North Dakota.

Stay tuned as Revland presents new works from his Signature Series as well as dining and coffee tables from his Lakeshore Series and Red River Series.

Feel free to inquire about availability and be sure to check out his blog, simply revland . . . as he weaves a half-century of storytelling with advice, information, and wisdom.



Each one unique.

The organically-shaped wood slab will dictate.

The water or ice will define.

It’s that simple.


Bergen Shore

This exquisite design is Revland’s smallest dining table offering, measuring 72” by 38”.

The main focal point is a three-quarter-size exotic Burl embedded in white opaque epoxy, depicting the icy shores of Norway.

All of Revland’s dining tables are inspired by locations in Norway, home of his ancestors, who practiced their woodworking craft in the mid 1800's.

This is a Revland favorite. Solid and concise.

Signed and dated. $15,000


Lillehammer Bay

This design has a more continuous shoreline, incorporating a hand-selected live edge specimen to complete that task. At 96” by 40”, this offering by Revland will seat up to 10.

Each tabletop is like a snowflake, allowing the organic nature of the highly-figured wood slab to dictate the bird's-eye view, with the epoxy defining not only the shoreline, but the leading edge as well.

An absolute masterpiece.

Signed and dated. $20,000



The “Sognefjord” dining table has a profound effect on Revland as the fjord is close to where his ancestors lived and worked more than 170 years ago. Located in Vestland County in Southwestern Norway, Sognefjord is the largest and deepest fjord in the country.

The Sognefjord dining table consists of two matching highly-figured wood rounds placed in opposite corners of the surface. The fjord portion surrounds these beautiful, organic wood specimens with an ancestral embrace, bringing Revland much joy. Measuring 84” by 38", it will seat 8 comfortably. 

Modern, yet elegant. Probably some of his best work.

Signed and dated. $20,000


Trondheim Bay

This is the largest offering by Revland at 9 to 10 feet in length and 40” wide. It also has more wood surface than water feature. [Also makes for a great conference table.]

Revland will always seek out some of the finest highly-figured wood for the top surface as well as its leg assembly. Only the finest cuts of the domestic log. Seats 10 to 12 depending on length.

Bland is not in his vocabulary.

Signed and dated. $22,500 to $25,000


Of the thousand-some pieces Revland has designed and created over the past fifty years, few have made it to the “Signature” status platform. Those that have were limited editions and have since been retired. All current Signature Series pieces are numbered, dated, and signed, and come with a letter of authenticity.


The Strinden Hill Chair

One of Revland’s earliest high back chair designs, the original “Strinden Hill” foyer chair, was first created in 1984.

It has always been portrayed as a sculptural conversation piece, with its solid wood, highly figured back narrowing from bottom to top. Sleek, modern, and whimsical.

A Revland trademark.

Numbered, signed, and dated. $3,500


The Revland Signature Chair

The original Revland “Signature” Chair was designed and created in 1988.

Revland was featured creating one on HGTV’s “Modern Masters” series in 1999. There was a limited edition of 75 attached to the original design. The 75th chair was sold in 2010, at which time the jigs and templates were destroyed, and the chair was retired.

Due to popular demand, Revland created this revised “Signature” Chair in 2018. Its unique, solid, one-piece slatted back fans out on top and is narrow at the bottom, creating a stunning array of shadows and angles that capture natural light at its best, and seems to change its appearance throughout the day.

Again, portrayed as a sculptural conversation piece. Perfect for foyer or sunroom.

Classic Revland.

Numbered, signed, and dated. $3,500


The Revland High Back Chair

Revland’s most recent chair design added to his “Signature” Series.

The “Revland High Back” was designed on a napkin at his favorite restaurant while enjoying his chicken parmigiana.


Classically modern.

Yet functional.

Crafted in Acacia, also available in other wood species. 

Modern Revland.

Numbered, signed, and dated. $3,500


Andreas and Isaac Strinden, shipbuilders from Strinden Hill, Städ, Norway, homesteaded in the Minnesota lake country shortly after the Civil War. Lacking a need for ships on the frontier, they hand-hewed lumber into floors and furnishings for themselves and their neighbors.
Steve Revland, great-grandson of Isaac Strinden, sculpts in wood in the tradition of his ancestors, with the same precision and fluidity of line that has distinguished Norwegian woodcraft since the days of the Vikings.



"I am officially the proud owner of a Steve Revland table ― I am OVER THE MOON excited!"

― Sara Owens Granger

"Steve's artistry with wood is perhaps best represented in the pictures he posts. However his ability to see the potential in a piece of wood is a product of his own artistic eye and years of experience."

― Bill Thompson

"You have such a great touch at bringing out the beauty and spirit of the wood.."

― Richard Peterson



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Fargo, North Dakota