Steven Mark Revland

artist - musician - craftsman

award-winning designer

and furniture maker

[February 14, 2021]

simply revland: an introduction

Welcome to simply revland, a collection of memories and musings spanning eight decades as an artist and musician, most notably the last 50 years as an award-winning designer and furniture maker. Like my sister, mother, and grandmother before me, I have been a notorious note-taker, which has served me well, as I now have a treasure trove of stories to tell, unsolicited advice to give, and quite possibly, admissions to dole out.

a thank-you

I’d like to thank a very specific therapist, who told me very early in life:

”As I’ve gotten to know and understand you . . . you may feel a need to record and write things down, for if you don’t, you might forget those very things that bring you value. You may also want to schedule your day on paper, and cross out tasks as you achieve them, otherwise, the walls you continue to bounce off of might just imprison you.”

Very wise advice given to an ADHD man-child in his early twenties, trying to find his way in a highly competitive world, with barely a high school diploma in his back pocket.

an invitation: stay tuned

I write these posts, present and future, hoping to leave some form of legacy for my son, a chip off the old block, and quite possibly for myself . . . for as I continue along this glorious path, I may need to read about myself to remember who I was. Such would be life.

Stay tuned, and see you all in a week. Peace and love.